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Demonstration (Demo) on creators official web. Demos are the "basic install" only, no add-ons, no content.

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CMSQLite is a small, fast, flexible and complete content management system (CMS). It is perfect for freelancers, self, associations and small businesses.

CMSQLite is a CMS, which is based on PHP and SQLite. This has many benefits!

Comfortable editing
CMSQLite uses the award-winning editor CKEditor.
In order to edit your website as easy as in Word and you can also easily create complex web pages themselves.

CMSQLite natively supports the multi-language capability.
In the default installation, you can choose between English and German. Text and menus are easy to translate.
A built-in speech recognition shows your domestic and foreign visitors to the appropriate language. Of course, the language can also manually select from visitors.

Ease of use
CMSQLite is designed for customers who do not want to familiarize themselves with a CMS. The structure of the backend is just a few menu items and easier to edit the content, even after a long break.

Not only the content, the menus are easy to expand and redesign.

Integrated Media Management
Photos and PDF, with the help of the built-in media management quickly and easily upload and manage.
Images and files can then be incorporated into the text of the page using the editor.

CMSQLite based on SQLite, a small database that works on a file basis. This means high speed, low technical requirements, easy backup of the database.

The advantages at a glance

  • The advantages for the user are:
  • easy to use, without great SchnickSchanck
  • Fixed multilingualism
  • Menus can be expanded individually and link new content
  • A media management is on board. Images can be uploaded to the server and can be integrated into texts
  • Integrated text editor CKEditor (version 3.0.1)

The advantages for developers:

  • high degree of individual design
  • simple expansion of the content with your own modules
  • Multi-sites under one domain = multiple design templates available under one domain
  • robust technology
  • low maintenance
  • less technical effort necessary on servers
  • easy backup of data by backing up the SQLite file
  • fully capable of PHP, HTML and CSS
  • JQuery integrated
  • the developer sets out the boundaries, not the system
  • Integrated text editor CKEditor (version 3.0.1)