What is HTML?

HTML is a language we will never speak and most of us will never speak of. It is the language, or code, behind every computer. HTML code is the brain of the computer – telling it what color to display, what size the text is, whether the copy is bold or italicized, etc.

Most schools nowadays teach basic HTML writing. They keep it basic because most people will never have to use it in a daily application. Many people are only interested in learning HTML if they play to develop websites as a career. Please do not panic if you need to build a website, though. It is NOT necessary to know HTML to build your own website thanks to website builder programs such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Web Studio. But programs like those were developed by programmers who DO know HTML, so if you are looking for a career and want to make a bundle, don’t shy away from learning HTML code.

As you create your own web page with the user friendly website builder program of your choice, you can check to see what the HTML code looks like. Generally, such programs include a “View HTML” tab to click in case you would like to see how the code looks in relation to your much easier to create site builder program. Your HTML view will simply look like lines of text and won’t look anything like the nice website you actually designed.